NBA All Star Game



When the legends game finished in the 1993 edition, the NBA organization decided to make a radical change in the All-Star Weekend, and they introduced the rookies game in 1994.

This game was like the All-Star Game, but only rookie players (first year in NBA) could play. There were 5 editions of this game, because in the year 2000 began the rookie challenge.

This game had different rules than All-Star Game, for example the minutes, the number of players...


In the first edition of this game, rookie players were distributed in two teams: Sensations and Phenoms, with no conference factor when teams were done.
Phenoms come back in the second half and won the game by 6 (74-68), when at halftime Sensations leaded 39-35.
Despite the loss of his team, Anfernee Hardaway was named MVP. On the winner team, Chris Webber and Toni Kukoc were their two best players.

  DATE: 12 February 1994
  RESULT: Phenoms 74- Sensations 68
  MVP: Anfernee Hardaway
  BEST PLAYERS: PHENOMS Penny Hardaway 22 points, Popeye Jones 7 rebounds, Chris Mills 15 assists.
                              SENSATIONS Chris Webber 18 points and 10 rebounds, Dino Radja and Lindsey Hunter 5 assists.
  ATTENDANCE: 17.096 spectators.
  COACHES: K.C. Jones (Phenoms) and Doug Collins (Sensations).



It was a game very seemed to last edition's game. Rookie players of both conferences were mixed in the two teams.
There were 2 teams, called green and white. For second year, the team that won at halftime (40-33 Greens) finished losing. Lakers player, Eddie Jones, was named MVP, despite he didn't won the game.
Whites came back with the points of Glenn "Big Dog" Robinson (21 points) and Lamond Murray (15 points), and the work of Khalid Reeves (11 points and 11 assists), winning the game 85-79 in the overtime.

  DATE: 11 February 1995
  RESULT: White 85- Green 79
  MVP: Eddie Jones
  BEST PLAYERS: WHITE Glenn Robinson 21 points, Lamond Murray 9 rebounds, Khalid Reeves 11 assists.
                              GREEN Eddie Jones 25 points, Juwan Howard 7 rebounds and 7 assists.
  ATTENDANCE: 18.755 spectators.
  COACHES: Cotton Fitzimmons (White) and Al Attles (Green).



For the first time, in 1996, rookies were distributed based in Conference (East - West).
East point guard, Damon Stoudamire, was named MVP, leading his team to the victory.
The best scorer played again in the loser team. This time was Joe Smith. In the West, also played Arvydas Sabonis (the oldest rookie in the history of these games with 31 years), who made 8 points and 3 rebounds in only 4 minutes.

  DATE: 10 February 1996
  RESULT: East 94- West 92
  MVP: Damon Stoudamire
  BEST PLAYERS: EAST Damon Stoudamire 19 points and 11 assists, George Zidek 6 rebounds.
                              WEST Joe Smith 20 points, Bryant Reeves 8 rebounds, Tyu Edney 7 assists.
  PUBLIC: 36.037 spectators.
  COACHES: Bob Lanier (East) and Doug Moe (West).



It was a game with high scores. There were 6 players with 16 or more points.
The first half was decisive for East, with a 15 points advantage (51-36). West commanded the second half (55-45), but it wasn't enough to win.
Allen Iverson (who had been number 1 in the draft) was named MVP, with 19 points and 9 assists. He was one of the keys in the East victory, but probably Kobe Bryant (with 31 points and 8 assists for the West) was better.
In this game, Red Auerbach came back to the All-Star Weekend after 30 editions. In the West team neither Stephon Marbury and Samaki Walker could play because of injuries.

  DATE: 9 February 1997
  RESULT: East 96- West 91
  MVP: Allen Iverson
  BEST PLAYERS: EAST Antoine Walker 20 points, Marcus Camby 12 rebounds, Allen Iverson 9 assists.
                              WEST Kobe Bryant 31 points and 8 rebounds, Derek Fisher 6 assists.
  ATTENDANCE: 20.562 spectators.
  COACHES: Red Auerbach (East) and Red Holzman (West).



East won their third consecutive game since the beginning of the East-West duel in 1996.
West began well the game (8-19), thanks to Bobby Jackson. At halftime, th only won by four (38-42).
In the second half, appeared Van Horn, Billups and Zydrunas Ilgauskas, who won the MVP award. The name of the Lituanian Cavs center began to sound since that All-Star.
West missed Tim Duncan, who probably had been the star of the game, but Tim was selected to play with the best in the All-Star Game.

  DATE: 7 February 1998
  RESULT: East 85- West 80
  MVP: Zydrunas Ilgauskas
  BEST PLAYERS: EAST Zydrunas Ilgauskas 18 points, Keith Van Horn 10 rebounds, Brevin Knight 8 assists.
                              WEST Bobby Jackson 15 points, Maurice Taylor, Michael Stewart and Danny Fortson 6 rebounds, Rodrick Rhodes 8 assists.
  ATTENDANCE: 18.232 spectators.
  COACHES: Willis Reed (East) and Dave DeBusschere (West).